Summer RVing Games

Summer RVing is fun and relaxing. When you arrive at your destination, there are countless things to do. But what about keeping your guests and fellow travelers entertained on the way there? Several options come to mind if you are driving a motorhome. They could read, watch a movie or even just take a nap on the drive. That’s boring and dull! There are many great options to make your Oklahoma RV an enjoyable ride to your destination. Try travel games. There are ample card game choices these days and not just your typical Go Fish. A few favorite ones are Phase 10 and Hit the Deck.

Phase 10 is ranked #2 only behind another great camping game, Mattel’s Uno. Phase 10 is a Rummy-style game in which players must advance through 10 phases or melds to win. We have this best-selling card game for $6.99.

Hit the Deck is another growing trend among card game enthusiasts. The object is to get rid of your cards with the fewest points when the game ends. If you’re above age 6, this is a great card game for you! You can pick up this exciting game for $7.39 at our store.

And for when you actually get to your campsite, there are a lot of other fun and interactive games to play. The Bulls Eye Outdoor Game is for players age 8 and up. The object is to heave washers at the target and score points. The first team to the score of 21 wins the game! We have this family-friendly game for $46.89.

Drop by Leisure Time RV and check out all the great games for your travel trailer!

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