The Top 3 Oklahoma Campgrounds to Visit This Fall

Whether you’re interested in camping lakeside, in the privacy of a national forest or within reach of some of the best climbing and hiking in the state, there’s an Oklahoma campground tailored to your travel style. The three Oklahoma campgrounds are some of the best in the state for experiencing the cooler temperatures and mellower crowds of all.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Adventurous campers will fall in love with the outdoor playground known as the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Lawton.  The refuge is home to Oklahoma’s famous Mount Scott as well as an array of free-roaming animals, including buffalo, longhorn cattle and elk. However, most campers head to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge to explore its hiking and mountain biking trails, fish on the crystal clear lake and climb or boulder the craggy terrain.

Lake Murray State Park

The Lake Murray State Park in Ardmore is the ultimate destination for fishermen, boaters and outdoor enthusiasts who want to camp inside a breathtaking 13,000-acre park along Lake Murray. The state park also includes an 1,100-acre ATV area that stays open from 8 a.m., to dark every day.

Although, not all campers have to stay among the action. Lake Murray State Park boasts an array of camping areas that range from the more rambunctious ATV area to Buckhorn Trail near the boat ramp and the Rock Tower campground nestled among shade trees.

Ouachita National Forest

Hodgen’s Ouachita National Forest is a massive 352,000-acre park that offers everything from hunting and fishing to hang gliding and horseback riding. The park includes the Cedar Lake Equestrian Camp with almost 100 miles of trails, horse corrals, wash racks and tons of other features tailored to campers with horses. Other campgrounds range from primitive to modern, so campers can tailor their experience to suit their preferred camping style.

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The Tips You Need for Winter Camping


Camping isn’t just a summertime activity. In fact, camping in the colder months of winter can be just as enjoyable (or even more enjoyable) than camping in other seasons. The thinner campground crowds, exciting outdoor winter activities and thrill of camping in more extreme conditions make this one of the best times of year to pitch a tent and enjoy the great outdoors.

However, camping in the colder temperatures of winter means you need to take extra precautions to keep yourself and your fellow campers safe. The following four tips are ones that will help you make the most out of this winter camping season.

Pack the Snow at Your Campsite

The first thing you should do upon arrival at your campsite is pack the snow in the area where you’ll be placing your tent. Packing the snow will create a smooth and solid surface will keep you more comfortable and prevent tears in your tent due to soft spots.

Pad Your Sleeping Space

A sleeping pad is essential to keeping you off the ground and warm when camping in cold temperatures. Pack a thick sleeping pad or layer your pad with clothing, blankets, towels or other soft goods to keep you warm.

Dry Your Bag in the Day

Flip your sleeping bag inside-out and hang it outside on days when you’re not expecting snow or rain. This will help remove any condensation from the interior of your bag, so you can sleep comfortably the following night.

Wear Fire-Resistant Outer Layers By the Fire

You’ll want to sit close to a hot fire when you’re camping in cold temperatures, but it’s important to wear a flame-resistant outer layer, such as wool, when close to the flames. Down jackets burn easily due to heat and stray embers, so keep flammable materials inside your tent at night.

Find Your Gear at Leisure Time

Leisure Time RV isn’t just a place to purchase new recreational vehicles. Our online parts store is stocked with all of the latest and greatest camping supplies for this winter camping season.

Fun Camping Activities

While you might not be able to wait to go camping for some peace and quiet, that very same peace and quiet will bore the kids to death. Before you leave, you might want to come up with some games to keep the kids occupied – and you might even have fun with some of these games. Since you are going camping to relax, you’ll most like have a few days where you’ll stay at the camp site instead of going sightseeing.

No matter the size of the RV you bought – or are thinking of buying – from Leisure Time RV, the supplies for these games should fit in basement storage or under bed storage and won’t take up a ton of space.

  • Noah’s Ark: This is a memory game and is fun for the entire family. It’s a great game to play around a campfire, too. Sit in a circle, and then take turns listing the animals in Noah’s Ark – in alphabetical order. The first person says, “I’m going on Noah’s Ark and I’m bringing two apes.” The next person has to say the animals the previous people did, plus add his or her animals. For example, the next person would have to say, “I’m going on Noah’s ark and I’m bringing two apes and two birds.” If a person makes a mistake, he or she is out of the game. The last one in the circle wins the game.
  • SPUD: You’ll need a soft ball for this – a sponge ball will work perfectly. Form a circle with one person in the middle. Each camper is assigned a number. The person in the middle throws the ball straight up and yells a number. Everyone scatters except the person whose number was called. That person has to catch or pick up the ball. As soon as that person gets the ball, he or she yells “Spud.” Everyone freezes. That person can take three huge steps toward any other person and throws the ball at the other person. The other person must avoid the ball by moving any part of his or her body – except the feet. If the person gets hit, he or she gets an “S.” If not, the thrower gets the “S.” When a person gets all four letters (S-P-U-D), he or she is out of the game. The person with the least letters or the last person left is the winner.

There are many other games you can play with children of all ages – even the “adult children.” Make camping in your Leisure Time RV fun and relaxing for everyone – and be sure to stop by to pick up any supplies or to show us pictures of your trip.

Image by Jason Pratt via Flickr Creative Commons

2013 Forest River Flagstaff 228BH Review

2013 Forest River Flagstaff 228BH Oklahoma RV

If you want travel trailer comfort and convenience without the travel trailer price tag, check out the 2013 Flagstaff 228BH.

This is a tent trailer, but, make no mistake, it comes loaded with everything you and your large family need to camp in comfort at your favorite Oklahoma RV destinations.


With standard amenities like a 3-burner range, ceiling lights, and two full-sized quilted mattresses, the Flagstaff 228BH isn’t your grandpa’s tent trailer. Add to that the durable linoleum that looks like tile along with the two-tone fabric and hickory interior, and you have a tent trailer that resembles a travel trailer in form and function.

2013 Forest River Flagstaff 228BH Interior

Additionally, the 36″ by 69″ dinette and extra table next to the gaucho bed give your family enough room to comfortably share a meal together, and when it’s time to get some shut-eye, there’s enough bedding to sleep up to 7 people.


The Flagstaff is durably constructed on a tubular powder-coated steel frame. The bed bows and rafter poles are also powder coated to endure the test of time, and the radius roof as well as the Vinolon Supreme Tenting are durable and provide protection from the elements.

One feature that sets the Flagstaff apart from other tent trailers is the front deck storage with expanded metal decking. Other features include tinted vinyl windows and a one-piece screen door. An outside gas grill and awning are also standard. A paint job with an attractive graphic design adds to the curb appeal of this tent trailer.


The more options you add the Flagstaff, the closer you’ll get to having similar amenities to what you’ll find in a travel trailer. These options include a refrigerator with 1.9 cubic feet of space, 20K BTU forced air furnace, shower, Port a-Potty, and privacy curtains.

Floor Plan

 Flagstaff 228BH Floor Plan at Oklahoma RV dealer

The 2013 Flagstaff 228BH from Forest River can get you out to the great RV destinations in Oklahoma without breaking the bank. You can hook it up and visit scenic locations like Lake Murray, or witness the natural gypsum cave at Alabaster caverns. Wherever you decide to go, our Oklahoma RV dealership has this and other great RVs for memorable outdoor adventures.

October Events near Leisure Time RV

new Oklahoma RV

October is a beautiful month that serves as the transition between the heat of summer and the colder winter months ahead. It is also surprisingly full of activities. Leisure Time RV has put together this list of some of the fun things to do in the OKC area in October.

October 4 thru November 2

FrightFest is going on at Frontier City (11501 N I-35 Service Rd, Oklahoma, City) that features a haunted house, scare zones, entertainment, the BooVille Trick-or-Treat Trail and more. FrightFest is free with park admission. Extra charges apply for the Haunted House. Friday hours are 6-11pm; Saturday, noon-11pm; Sunday, noon-10pm. For more information call 478-2140.

October 11 thru 31

Pumpkinville at the Myriad Gardens (301 W. Reno, Oklahoma City) helps you celebrate pumpkins and everything fall. There will be hundreds of pumpkins on display, hay-bale mazes, scarecrows and other activities.

October 23 thru 30

Storybook Forest at Spring Creek Park at Arcadia Lake. This is a not-so-scary walk through trick-or-treat path featuring storybook characters. It also includes hayrides, games and a campfire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. Hours of Storybook Forest are from 5:30-8:30pm. Call 216-7471 for more details.

October 26

This is the date of the Kaw Lake Fall Festival at Camp McFadden in Ponca City. It features pumpkin decorating, hayrack rides, a craft show and haunted cabins. If you want more details you can contact 580-762-9494,

October 26 thru 31

Haunt the Zoo. The Oklahoma City Zoo is home to this annual event at 2000 Remington, in Oklahoma City. There is trick-or-treating and lots of Halloween related fun. Adults are admitted free. $7 per child or $6 with tickets purchased in advance. Hours are 6:30-8:30pm.

October 27 thru 31

HallowMarine at the Oklahoma Aquarium. This unique event has indoor trick-or-treating, a treasure hunt, games and a mermaid and pirate dive show. Hours are 6:30-9pm. More information is available by calling 918-296-3474.

October is the favorite month for many people. It brings crisp air and loads of color. Enjoy the season and have a safe Halloween from all of us at your Oklahoma RV dealer, Leisure Time RV.

Think and Chunky Spaghetti Sauce

New Oklahoma RV

Many of us who love the RV lifestyle love to cook and keep our menus fresh and interesting. Sometimes it is not a matter of re-inventing the wheel, but just putting a new twist on an old standard.

Leisure Time RV, your Oklahoma RV Dealership, offers you this recipe that will add a little more spice and texture to your spaghetti dinner. It is our recipe for Chunky Vegetable Beef or Turkey Spaghetti Sauce that is perfect for fall RVing.

The ingredients you will need include:

1 lb. of your choice of ground beef or ground turkey

1 large onion

1 large green pepper

6 baby Bella mushrooms

1 medium carrot

1 medium celery stalk

2 tablespoons of crushed red pepper flakes

1-24 oz. jar of your favorite marinara sauce

Cut the onions into about ½ inch slices and cut into about ½ inch chunks. Cut the green pepper into ½ inch squares. Cut the mushrooms into 4 pieces each. Slice the carrot and celery stalk into thin slices.

In a large skillet brown the ground beef or turkey. As the beef or turkey begins to lose its pink color, add the cut chunks of onion and green pepper, along with the slices of carrot and celery. Stir in and cook for about 8 minutes until the vegetables begin to show signs of clearing. Add the chunks of mushrooms and cook for 3 or 4 more minutes, continuing to occasionally stir. Sprinkle in the crushed red pepper flakes and add in the marinara sauce. Stir until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed and the sauce begins to boil.

Serve this thick and chunky sauce over your favorite pasta, and top with some shredded mozzarella or parmesan cheese. Add a side salad and some garlic bread and you will have a hearty meal for 4 or more. If you want a vegetarian edition, simply eliminate the beef or turkey.

Do you have a favorite hearty recipe for fall? Be sure to tell us about it. We are Leisure Time RV, your Oklahoma City RV dealer, and we will be pleased to show you our full line of 2014 RV’s that we now have in stock. For parts, service and new and used RV sales, see us at Leisure Time RV.

Oklahoma State Park Trivia

Oklahoma City Motor Homes

Those of us in Oklahoma are fortunate to have a great State Park system. Oklahoma State Parks offer a variety of outdoor recreational activities for the RV lover and an amazingly diverse amount of sights and sounds. For those who own an Oklahoma RV, I thought it would be interesting to share of the information about our State Parks through a series of trivia questions. Feel free to try to answer these questions, see how much you know. You may even learn a thing or two!

Here is our Leisure Time RV Oklahoma State Park Trivia Quiz.

How many State Parks are there in Oklahoma?

There are a total of 35 State Parks in the state.

The highest point in Oklahoma is located in this State Park.

Black Mesa is the highest point in the state and it is located at Black Mesa State Park and Nature Reserve. At 4,973 feet high, Black Mesa is located in the Northwest Panhandle of the state. There happen to be about 30 RV type camping sites at this State Park.

What appropriately named State Park gives visitors the opportunity to rent an ATV, or bring your own, to ride through its sand dunes?

That would be Little Sahara State Park in Waynoka. Jeeps and motorbikes are also popular ways to explore the dunes.

How long can one stay at an Oklahoma State Park?

Campers can stay up to 14 days at the same site, but depending on the season, the park manager could grant an extension.

Because of its emerald-tinted water and deep depths, what State Park is known for its water sports and has its own dedicated scuba diving park?

If you like water sports, Lake Tenkiller in Vian is the Oklahoma State park for you. Rocky bluffs and gravel shorelines are a big feature here.Yes, it actually has a separate area set aside for scuba diving!

Oklahoma State Parks are peppered throughout the state. You’ll find them enjoyable lengthy visits or even for a daytrip. Leisure Time RV, your Oklahoma RV dealer believes it important to point out some of the great places to visit right here in our own state. The fall is a great, less busy for time, to visit your state parks. We encourage you to do so!

A Look at the 2014 Raptor 27FS Travel Trailer

If you find yourself at Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma wondering how all these RVs, travel trailers, and fifth wheels perform, you’re going to want to do a little research on the various makes and models on display. There are hundreds of great travel homes out there, but only one is just right for you.

It’s really about personal preference, what your goals are, how much traveling you hope to do, whether you’re traveling alone, and so on. One that you may want to consider if you’re traveling with a partner or a small family, or just a big dog, would be the 2014 Keystone Raptor 27FS travel trailer.

If you have your heart set on an actual all-in-one RV, you might still want to consider your travel trailer options. This Keystone Raptor actually comes with a nine foot “garage” that can be used as a bedroom with double electric bunk beds. If you have kids and you want to take them on the road, this is perfect.

The “master bedroom” actually features a full size queen bed and a wardrobe, while the bathroom’s tub and shower is surprisingly roomy for a travel trailer.

Three range stove top, a decent-sized sink, a dinette, an L-shaped sofa, and a surprising amount of elbow room all help to make the 2014 Keystone Raptor one of the very best new travel trailers for families on the move or solo travelers who like the idea of an extra room for their ATV, visitors, or just having a little storage space.

At just over thirty one feet long and twelve feet high, the trailer is as roomy as some apartments, but lightweight enough to help you save on gas money on those long drives. Basically a great all around travel trailer whether you’re into long hauls alone or short trips with the family.

Come by to see it today at Leisure Time RV of Oklahoma!

How Does Using an RV Compare to Tent Camping?

Photo Courtesy of Grand Canyon National Park

If you are considering making a big investment in a top of the line model from Leisure Time RV, you may be wondering exactly why a camper is worth the cost. If you are a dedicated outdoors enthusiast, you may find tent camping fairly comfortable with the right equipment. However, it will only take one experience with RV camping to understand how this type of travel really stands out when it comes to comfort and luxury.

The Feeling Of Home

For many people, even the best air mattress leaves them feeling achy and sore. Spending a day canoeing around a lake or climbing a steep trail makes the soft and welcoming mattress of an RV very inviting and refreshing. There is no need to struggle with flimsy camp cook stoves for dinner or the hassle of going without a proper bathroom facility.

Traveling With Mobility Or Health Issues

RVs also stand out as the best option for people who are confined to a wheelchair or need medical support at night. Relying on an oxygen tank or a CPAP machine doesn’t have to stop you from seeing the country’s best sights in person. Make the most of your travel experiences without having to push yourself too hard. A whole range of upgrades are available for campers to keep them accessible for people with all levels of mobility.

Get As Close To Nature As You Like

Many camping lovers are afraid to switch to RVs because they enjoy the deep connection with nature that they feel when sleeping in a tent. However, using a camper doesn’t mean you can’t spend all of your time outdoors. Even a small fifth wheel serves as an ideal mobile kitchen and bathroom facility. Pop up a tent right beside the RV and stay outside if you like, but you will be glad to have the space available if a sudden storm arises or a bear visits camp.

Comfort For Pets and Children

Finally, many Oklahoma residents choose RVs to make travel easier on their youngest or smallest family members. You can easily travel with dogs, cats, or even parrots when you have enough space to keep them happy. Kids also enjoy being able to retreat into a controlled space during early camping experiences.

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Summer RV Recipes: Crispy Chicken Salad

At Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma, we know that traveling often means eating on the go. But, if you’re interested in a culinary masterpiece that can be prepared while you RV, why not try this dish?

Leisure Time RV chicken salad

Light and savory, a crispy chicken salad has everything you need to get your greens while eating protein. This dish is very easy to make, and you only need a few things on hand.

You’ll need:

  • Two crispy chicken breasts per person
  • Premade salad or…
  • One head of lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Salad dressing of your choice (honey mustard, ranch, thousand island, or blue cheese go well with this dish)

Now, to prepare this dish, you’ll need to place your premade salad in bowls, or, if you’re using homemade ingredients, grate two carrots per six people, cut up one cucumber for six people, slice two tomatoes for six people, and dice the lettuce head.

You can adjust those ingredients as necessary for your group.

Now, if you have a grill, you can crisp your chicken fingers. In an oven, they take approximately 17 to 20 minutes at 400 degrees. If you’re using a grill or stovetop, you’ll want to crisp them for approximately 7 minutes per side.

When the chicken is crispy and ready, you can either serve two chicken strips with each salad, or you can chop the strips into smaller, bite-sized pieces. Add the dressing you like, and you have a great, healthy meal for yourself and your group.

Optional toppings include cheese, bacon bits, croutons, or whatever else you may think of.

The great thing about this meal is that once the chicken has been cooked, you don’t need to heat up the leftovers. You can simply save the extra in a refrigerator and eat it cold, so you can easily have a quick snack ready at a moment’s notice.

This is just one of the great summertime recipes out there; let us know what you think. Do you have any recipes to share with us at Leisure Time RV? Send us a comment! If you’re in the market for a new RV, come see us today.