National Nutrition Month

While RVing is a fun and exciting way to travel, the really long voyages can have an impact on your body. All of that sitting makes the passengers more likely to be on the lazy side when it comes to eating. Sometimes, we deserve to be lazy. A long drive, important deadlines, and even physical excursions, once we arrive in our destination, make taking the easy way out the only viable option.

It doesn’t have to be that way most of the time, though. If you put a little extra time into getting your Oklahoma City RV ready for the long haul, you’ll be surprised at the better choices available. So, in honor of National Nutrition Month, we provide you with some healthy suggestions for your upcoming spring and summer road trips!

Oatmeal BarsFood

One common complaint about good-for-you snacks is that they are more expensive. This is true if you buy the prepackaged combinations. Fortunately, all of those items you can make yourself! Take granola bars for instance, all you need is leftover odds and ends from raisins to oats with a dab of sugar and honey to put together a bar. Got a sweet tooth? Melt chocolate and throw in your favorite fruits, pour the mixture onto wax paper and let dry. You can also freeze some for the road!


The most healthy beverage is water. That fact doesn’t excite everyone, though. If you’ve got picky drinkers, especially those overly used to sugary drinks, we’ve got a solution for you! Mix a few packets of Splenda and squeeze a quarter slice of lemon in your water. This is a refreshing take on lemonade and will make you feel good for drinking it.

It’s odd to think we live in a society that makes being unhealthy so easy. The lure of a fast meal that usually tastes delicious is hard to turn away from, especially when our lives get ahead of us. How will you celebrate National Nutrition Month in your motorhome? Give us your healthy road tips in the comments below!