2013 Forest River Flagstaff 228BH Review

2013 Forest River Flagstaff 228BH Oklahoma RV

If you want travel trailer comfort and convenience without the travel trailer price tag, check out the 2013 Flagstaff 228BH.

This is a tent trailer, but, make no mistake, it comes loaded with everything you and your large family need to camp in comfort at your favorite Oklahoma RV destinations.


With standard amenities like a 3-burner range, ceiling lights, and two full-sized quilted mattresses, the Flagstaff 228BH isn’t your grandpa’s tent trailer. Add to that the durable linoleum that looks like tile along with the two-tone fabric and hickory interior, and you have a tent trailer that resembles a travel trailer in form and function.

2013 Forest River Flagstaff 228BH Interior

Additionally, the 36″ by 69″ dinette and extra table next to the gaucho bed give your family enough room to comfortably share a meal together, and when it’s time to get some shut-eye, there’s enough bedding to sleep up to 7 people.


The Flagstaff is durably constructed on a tubular powder-coated steel frame. The bed bows and rafter poles are also powder coated to endure the test of time, and the radius roof as well as the Vinolon Supreme Tenting are durable and provide protection from the elements.

One feature that sets the Flagstaff apart from other tent trailers is the front deck storage with expanded metal decking. Other features include tinted vinyl windows and a one-piece screen door. An outside gas grill and awning are also standard. A paint job with an attractive graphic design adds to the curb appeal of this tent trailer.


The more options you add the Flagstaff, the closer you’ll get to having similar amenities to what you’ll find in a travel trailer. These options include a refrigerator with 1.9 cubic feet of space, 20K BTU forced air furnace, shower, Port a-Potty, and privacy curtains.

Floor Plan

 Flagstaff 228BH Floor Plan at Oklahoma RV dealer

The 2013 Flagstaff 228BH from Forest River can get you out to the great RV destinations in Oklahoma without breaking the bank. You can hook it up and visit scenic locations like Lake Murray, or witness the natural gypsum cave at Alabaster caverns. Wherever you decide to go, our Oklahoma RV dealership has this and other great RVs for memorable outdoor adventures.

Creepy RV Destinations

Winchester Mystery House

Photographer: Gregg O’Connell (via Flickr Creative Commons)

The US has plenty of creepy places to make your skin crawl. If you’re planning a trip, especially around Halloween, these haunted places are a good place to get your “scare” on.

San Jose California

It’s said the 160-room Victorian Winchester mansion owned by Mary Winchester, heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune, was continually under construction to appease evil spirits. Mary was obsessed with the souls who had died at the hand of a Winchester gun and had been advised by a medium that building would keep the spirits at bay. The loss of her husband and young daughter along with the medium’s words had a significant effect on Mary. The continual addition of new rooms, stairways to nowhere, a window in the floor, a chimney that only rises four floors and doors that opened to steep drop offs or blank walls went on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 38 years. The mansion, out buildings and gardens are open for tours but be wary. Don’t traverse the mansion without a guide.

Massachusetts Haunted Locations

Location of the notorious Salem witch trials held in the 1692, the area is teeming with “spirited” activity. One location sure to bring a chill even on a warm day is a visit to Nathaniel Hawthorn’s birthplace and a tour of the imposing House of the Seven Gables. In Danvers, the state hospital is known for sounds of voices and crying, cold spots and ghostly apparitions of former patients.

Keep the adventure alive with a visit to Lizzie Borden’s House in Fall River. Guests staying at the bed and breakfast report sightings of misty human forms in the bedrooms and basement. In North Adams, the tragic Houghton Mansion has reported activity including audible footsteps, cold sports, doors opening on their own, and visitors feeling angry and sad.

West Virginia

Take a 2-hour paranormal day tour or experience an intense 8-hour overnight tour featuring known “hot spots” at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. Originally the Weston State Hospital, the facility was home to thousands of mentally ill patients beginning in 1864 many of whom still haunt the grounds and building.

With a maintenance check and your RV tuned up and ready to go, Leisure Time RV will keep you rolling along safe and sound to your next great adventure.

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Visiting Quartzsite, AZ, For A Winter Trip

Photo Courtesy of Ace Armstrong via Flickr Creative Commons

There are literally millions of destinations to visit in your Oklahoma City RV, but not all of them are attractive and welcoming in the winter. Travelers tend to stick to the extreme south and southwest when planning for camping or boondocking after October. If you have never traveled to a mecca for camper and fifth wheel travel before, Quartzsite, AZ should be your next destination.

A Ghost Town

This very small town remains desolate and nearly empty through the summer, except for a few brave fulltime residents. However, falling temperatures and frigid snows drive thousands of people to seek out the winter warmth of Arizona. The town itself is home to numerous well-equipped campgrounds, but boondocking and dry camping out in the desert is also very popular. The area first became popular due to its high level of gemstone deposits – hence its name. Many campers who winter in Quartzsite now could care less about rocks, but instead seek out the warmth and companionship offered by such a large gathering of RV lovers.

Big Time Boom

RV Adventuring reports that the AZ Highway Department estimates that nearly a million people visit this spot for the annual vacation and RV show that has been put on for over 40 years. There are also other gatherings and events held during the winter, including a gemstone show and car shows for classic auto lovers. The entire destination is geared towards people who love traveling and who don’t want to sit indoors through winter. Hiking, boating, and other outdoor sports can all be enjoyed during the mild temperatures.

Near The Attractions

Quartzsite, AZ is the ideal stop for travelers that love the wilderness. There are thousands of acres of Bureau of Land Management space to explore, in addition to the Imperial National Wilderness Refuge and Kofa National Wilderness Refuge. Finally, don’t forget about Lake Havasu. It’s 50 miles north of the town, but its sparkling waters are well worth a day trip in your Oklahoma RV. The town itself is full of small shops and temporary buildings to cater to visitors, and grocery stores and other suppliers can be found within just 15 to 25 miles down the highway.

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Mount Taylor

If you find yourself wanting to go on an epic adventure in New Mexico, you may want to point your wagon towards Mount Taylor in Cibola County, not far off of Route 66 and visible at many points throughout Northwestern New Mexico.

Mount Taylor is said to be the head of a giant killed by the Twin War Gods, according to old Navajo lore. The lava that flows through the mountain is of course the giant’s blood. The mountain also holds special significance for the Acoma, Laguna and Zuni Nations.

The wild life here is incredible. Expect to see mountain lions, great blue herons, elk, and black bears among many other animals. Bring your camera, because you’re going to need it.

If you’re the athletic type, then you may want to consider the Mount Taylor Quadrathalon. Running, skiing, bicycling, and snowshoeing are all a part of this intense challenge. Don’t expect to make the run on your first try without some serious training under your belt.

Beyond the athletic events, the mountain also offers plenty of paths for hiking, biking, backpacking, or just taking an easy afternoon stroll and spotting some rare wildlife. Stick around until the evening if you like the sound of clear desert skies for some breathtaking stargazing.

It looks like the mountain will remain a pristine source of adventure into the future as it will be a protected site. It has been a popular place for uranium mining in the past, but it looks like its days as a profit point are over.

At its highest, the mountain may have been anywhere from 15,000 to 25,000 feet tall. No wonder they thought it was a giant’s head.

If you’re looking for a week long adventure or a quiet evening in the forest, Mount Taylor is one of the most beautiful attractions in New Mexico. Need a new rig to go explore Mount Taylor? Come see us at Leisure Time RV to explore our inventory of new and used RVs!

Think and Chunky Spaghetti Sauce

New Oklahoma RV

Many of us who love the RV lifestyle love to cook and keep our menus fresh and interesting. Sometimes it is not a matter of re-inventing the wheel, but just putting a new twist on an old standard.

Leisure Time RV, your Oklahoma RV Dealership, offers you this recipe that will add a little more spice and texture to your spaghetti dinner. It is our recipe for Chunky Vegetable Beef or Turkey Spaghetti Sauce that is perfect for fall RVing.

The ingredients you will need include:

1 lb. of your choice of ground beef or ground turkey

1 large onion

1 large green pepper

6 baby Bella mushrooms

1 medium carrot

1 medium celery stalk

2 tablespoons of crushed red pepper flakes

1-24 oz. jar of your favorite marinara sauce

Cut the onions into about ½ inch slices and cut into about ½ inch chunks. Cut the green pepper into ½ inch squares. Cut the mushrooms into 4 pieces each. Slice the carrot and celery stalk into thin slices.

In a large skillet brown the ground beef or turkey. As the beef or turkey begins to lose its pink color, add the cut chunks of onion and green pepper, along with the slices of carrot and celery. Stir in and cook for about 8 minutes until the vegetables begin to show signs of clearing. Add the chunks of mushrooms and cook for 3 or 4 more minutes, continuing to occasionally stir. Sprinkle in the crushed red pepper flakes and add in the marinara sauce. Stir until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed and the sauce begins to boil.

Serve this thick and chunky sauce over your favorite pasta, and top with some shredded mozzarella or parmesan cheese. Add a side salad and some garlic bread and you will have a hearty meal for 4 or more. If you want a vegetarian edition, simply eliminate the beef or turkey.

Do you have a favorite hearty recipe for fall? Be sure to tell us about it. We are Leisure Time RV, your Oklahoma City RV dealer, and we will be pleased to show you our full line of 2014 RV’s that we now have in stock. For parts, service and new and used RV sales, see us at Leisure Time RV.

Independence Day RVing

It’s that time of year again to celebrate our country’s independence. And that means cookouts, fireworks and making great memories with friends and family. This year, why not travel through our glorious state of Oklahoma and check out what other cities might be doing for this monumental occassion? Of course, the best way to do this is with your travel trailer. There’s nothing better than an open road and visiting our great metro cities.

The first and closest one on our list is LibertyFest in Edmond, OK. You might not need your camper for this one but it is one of the largest and most renowned celebrations in the nation. They will have free watermelon, live entertainment and dozens of children’s activities. Be sure to stay for the largest fireworks display in the OKC area. Or if you live south of Oklahoma City, visit Moore’s Art in the Park: A Celebration in the Heartland. There’s a huge sand pit for the kids at this event as well as the annual car, truck and motorcycle show. Various vender booths will be set up throughout the grounds along with several food options.

Still a little further east lies the city of Yukon. They are holding their Freedom Fest which features a children’s parade, free swimming and lots of games for everyone. Free ice cream and watermelon will be accompanied by live music and spectacular fireworks after sunset. But if you’re up for a little more of a drive, Tulsa is holding their FreedomFest throughout their River Parks. Thousands of proud and patriotic citizens join this event annually. There will be face painting and inflatables for the children’s entertainment and three locations for other entertainment along the river.

So jump in your Oklahoma RV and enjoy the holiday! Have a safe and happy July 4th from Leisure Time RV.

The Cherry Fizzy

After a nice long hike in the woods, it’s nice to come back to your Oklahoma City RV to something cool and refreshing. These drinks are easy to make, even in your fifth wheel. You will love the drink recipe we have for you; The Cherry Fizzy. It is a combination of sweet and tart and a must-have for the little ones. It’s so easy you can make it for any occasion!

You will need:

  • ½ cup of frozen cherry juice concentrate, thawed
  • ½ cup of ginger ale
  • small jar of maraschino cherries, preferably stem-less

Fill up an ice tray with water and add your maraschino cherries to each cube and freeze. Place your ½ cup of thawed cherry concentrate in a glass. Slowly stir in a ½ cup ginger ale. Finish with your frozen cherry ice cubes.

Everyone will be surprised just how refreshing this little drink is and the kids will enjoy seeing the suspended cherries.

And when hot days call for frosty beverages, try this satisfying drink; Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade. It’s not too sweet and has a tangy zip at the end. This tasty combination will have you restored and ready to beat the heat once again.

  • 1 12 fluid once can of frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate
  • 3 cups of water
  • 1 12 fluid once can or bottle of lemon-lime flavored carbonated soda
  • ¾ teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 cup of crushed ice
  • 1 cup of fresh raspberries for garnish
  • Mint leaves for garnish
  • Ice cube tray

Fill the ice tray with water and place a raspberry or two in each cube and freeze. In a large punch bowl, combine the raspberry lemonade concentrate with the water and lime juice. Slowly stir in the lemon-lime soda and some of the raspberry cubed ice. Finish by garnishing each glass with a fresh mint leaf and left over raspberries if desired.

Keeping Your Oklahoma RV Organized

Traveling down the road in your RV this summer? Maybe it’s a little more chaotic than you remembered from the last time you took it out on a road trip? That happens, especially if you store your new or used Oklahoma RV in a self-storage garage three quarters of the year. There are ways to get things organized and keep them tidy, whether your RV is at home in the driveway, in storage, or on the road.

One of the biggest and best ways to stay organized in your RV is to make sure everything is clean and put away in a nicely labeled cabinet space. This way, no matter who travels with you or who does the dishes on the road, everything goes back nice and clean where it was taken from. If you happen to take a few games on the road, packing them in a plastic seal-able tub not only makes for convenient storage of the games, but makes it easier to either store them with the RV when the trip is over or unpack them and bring the whole tote into the house at once. This can be done for everything from dirty clothes that didn’t make it to a laundromat on the road, to foodstuffs that you want to take out of the RV.

Clean your RV out at every rest stop. Take out the trash so it doesn’t clutter the space you have inside. Don’t take anything with you that you really don’t need, and if you can stop and get it on the road, all the more reason not to bring it in the first place. Maps, directions, and brochures to places you want to go and see should always be within reach of the driver and co-pilot.

If you’re not sure about these ideas and would like to explore more on how to get your RV organized and road ready, consider attending the RV shows or see your local Oklahoma RV dealer for more ways to build more storage into your RV. Upgrading to a new or used Oklahoma RV might also prove to be invaluable, especially if your kids are older or you travel with more than just a few family members at a time. Being able to accommodate extra bodies also means being able to accommodate more stuff an having to organize it in a way that doesn’t drive everyone crazy while traveling.


Get the most out of your RV and still have fun. Check us out and see what you can accomplish with a little RV space or A LOT!

You’re Approached By A Snake, Now What?

You’ve just tuned up your RV at the Oklahoma City RV dealership and are on the road. After a few hours of scenic driving, you stop and set up camp. While scouting around for firewood you hear a noise in the tall grass. Slithering out of the grass and coming toward you is a large black snake! What do you do?

The short answer is to step out of the way. Snakes don’t really want anything to do with you and you’re probably just in their way. The real question is whether your snake encounter results in you being bitten. The majority of snake bites are the result of an accidental encounter or being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Luckily in the US, there are only four venomous snakes, and they all live in specific areas. The majority of snake encounters you may have will be with harmless, non-poisonous snakes.

The copperhead can be found in grassy or rocky areas in the west and southwestern US. The cottonmouth (or water moccasin) is found in or near water mostly in the southeast US. Coral snakes are very colorful and prefer warm, grassy areas throughout the western, southwest and central US. Rattlesnakes live primarily in the west and southwest US and prefer rocky environments.

Before embarking on your RV Oklahoma adventure, get to know these snakes and how to identify them. The best approach is to avoid any encounters with these snakes which can be done by following a few simple rules.

  • If you hike in tall grasses or rocky areas, wear long pants and hiking boots.
  • When hiking in grassy or rocky areas, make noise so your presence is known to whatever wildlife is around you.
  • Research the types of snakes that might be in your hiking/camping area and avoid those areas if possible.
  • Don’t reach into any rocky spaces where you can’t see what’s inside first.
  • Snakes prefer to avoid you so walk through areas that may have snakes with a heavy foot. They feel the vibrations and will get out of your way.
  • Keep your RV closed, your tent flap closed and sleeping bags zipped shut. Snakes may enter a warm area.
  • Should you and a snake surprise each other, stand still and let the snake move out of the way. The snake may interpret any sudden movements by you as aggression and they may attack. Venomous snakes are more likely to bite than non-venomous snakes.

If you are bitten by a poisonous snake, the most important thing to remember is to not panic and get yourself to medical help. Staying calm will help prevent the venom from getting further into your body.

Whether you are a new RV Oklahoma traveler or a seasoned veteran, learn about the snakes in your areas, avoid where they may live and be prepared for any surprise encounters.

You Will Love The 2012 Thor Motor Coach Chateau 22E

Many people feel that there is nothing finer in life then investing in a motor home and hitting the open road for fun and adventure. There is nothing like seeing the beautiful United States, in your own home on the road. One such motor coach is the 2012 Thor Chateau. This motor coach will supply all of your needs as though you were at home. The 2012 Thor Chateau is a good place to start or even reinvest into a wonderful coach that has everything one needs for a great road trip in the spring, summer, fall or winter.

There are simply no cons about this motor coach package. Consumers are able to pick and chose the options that they want in their motor coach package, from ceiling height to size of BTU roof air conditioner, to cherry or maple cabinets. The list is too long, so take one thing at a time to construct your own home on the road.

The length of this class C motor home is 23 feet long and sleeps five people comfortably. Fuel type is gas. All units are fully loaded with all the comforts of home. Keep comfortable with built in air conditioning. Side awnings stretch out to eat and relax underneath. Kitchen is fully equipped with stove, oven, double sinks, microwaves and refrigerator. Each unit has an ample generator.

Contact our Oklahoma RV Dealership for The Thor Chateau. This model has a very sufficient bath area with a shower, sink and toilet. The master bed is 54 inches x 80 inches. Adjacent is a roomy closet. There is one step up into this area from the front of the coach. When one steps down they will step into the galley area where there is a built in U-shaped dinette, setting five comfortably. The kitchen has a micro wave, sink, stove, oven, refrigerator and plenty of cupboard shortage space. Next to the galley is the entry door. This brings us to the front of the coach. Over the driver and passenger seats is a sleeping area, cab over bunk. Seek the 2012 new RV Oklahoma for your travel needs.

Everything about the Thor, inside and outside is attractively and quality built to last many years of adventure and trips. This class C motor home has all that one needs to get on the road and have fun, a home away from home to make life easy and fun. Motor homes are just the thing when children are in the picture. They can get up and move about without too much of a problem. No more bathroom stops or lunch stops. Everything is done while going down the road to the next destination.

Life is good in a 2012 Thor Chateau Class C Motor Home. Give this a try just once and you will be sold, or, upgrade to the 2012 Thor motor coach for your next road trip. This model is highly recommended as it has everything one needs when away from home.