Cruising Through Oklahoma

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If you want to take a trip, but want to spend more time having fun rather than driving, you’ll find plenty of great things to do right in Oklahoma! From air to water, you’ll find tons of exciting things to do.

Pack your RV for a weekend or a week or more and stop by Leisure Time RV to pick up any accessories you might need and head out for some excitement.

  • Take a balloon ride at Free Spirit Balloons in Piedmont or Skyway Balloons in Collinsville. Be sure to bring your camera for pictures of some wonderful views.
  • If a balloon ride is not enough excitement, visit Oklahoma Paragliding in Talihina for a glide over the Ouachita National Forest.
  • If you are afraid of heights no matter how you get up there and prefer to stay on the land, try your hand at some climbing and rappelling. Mount Scott and places in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge have excellent opportunities for rock climbing. Other rappelling spots include Red Rock Canyon State Park and Robbers Cave State Park.
  • Visit Little Sahara State Park if you prefer to ride ATVs. This park has over 1,600 acres of sand dunes up to 75 feet high. If you don’t have your own, you can rent an ATV or other off-road vehicle from Stewart’s ATV & Buggy. Other off-road parks include Cross Bar Ranch Park, Quartz Mountain Nature Park, Beaver Dunes Park and Lake Murray State Park.
  • Go caving at Alabaster Caverns State Park in Freedom. You can take a guided tour or go spelunking. The four caves range from 550 to 1,600 feet, so be sure to bring a flash light.
  • If the air is too “dangerous” and the land doesn’t provide quite enough excitement, head over to Lake Tenkiller to dive in its underwater playground. You can also dive at Broken Bow Lake and even take scuba classes.
  • Learn how to wakeboard without a boat at Wake Zone Cable Park in Oklahoma City. You can waterski, wakeboard and kneeboard with overhead cables that pull you around a circle.

Choose the spot for your summer excitement and pack up the RV and head out! If you don’t need any accessories at Leisure Time RV, be sure to take some pictures with your RV to show us how much fun you had.

How Does Using an RV Compare to Tent Camping?

Photo Courtesy of Grand Canyon National Park

If you are considering making a big investment in a top of the line model from Leisure Time RV, you may be wondering exactly why a camper is worth the cost. If you are a dedicated outdoors enthusiast, you may find tent camping fairly comfortable with the right equipment. However, it will only take one experience with RV camping to understand how this type of travel really stands out when it comes to comfort and luxury.

The Feeling Of Home

For many people, even the best air mattress leaves them feeling achy and sore. Spending a day canoeing around a lake or climbing a steep trail makes the soft and welcoming mattress of an RV very inviting and refreshing. There is no need to struggle with flimsy camp cook stoves for dinner or the hassle of going without a proper bathroom facility.

Traveling With Mobility Or Health Issues

RVs also stand out as the best option for people who are confined to a wheelchair or need medical support at night. Relying on an oxygen tank or a CPAP machine doesn’t have to stop you from seeing the country’s best sights in person. Make the most of your travel experiences without having to push yourself too hard. A whole range of upgrades are available for campers to keep them accessible for people with all levels of mobility.

Get As Close To Nature As You Like

Many camping lovers are afraid to switch to RVs because they enjoy the deep connection with nature that they feel when sleeping in a tent. However, using a camper doesn’t mean you can’t spend all of your time outdoors. Even a small fifth wheel serves as an ideal mobile kitchen and bathroom facility. Pop up a tent right beside the RV and stay outside if you like, but you will be glad to have the space available if a sudden storm arises or a bear visits camp.

Comfort For Pets and Children

Finally, many Oklahoma residents choose RVs to make travel easier on their youngest or smallest family members. You can easily travel with dogs, cats, or even parrots when you have enough space to keep them happy. Kids also enjoy being able to retreat into a controlled space during early camping experiences.

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RV Stops

RVing is hitting another activity spike as the holidays begin to run faster in our direction. While some of us are lucky enough to live close to loved ones, many have to drive long distances to have quality bonding time. Part of preparation for an upcoming lengthy trip is to know the most RV friendly locations to take time to stretch or even pull an all-nighter. Here are few stop tips to keep in mind.


With about 14,000 of these traveler-welcoming locations across the US, the chances are high that there will be one on your route. Keep a lookout for info signs as you come up on exits. They will often be labeled campground or RV park on the lodging signs. The fee to stay at one of these parks is typically around $40 a night but you might even find a free one to hook up to.

Rest Stop

Similar to RVers, truck drivers spend much of their time on the road trying to get somewhere. In recent years, more and more rest stop areas have sprouted up along major highways to provide comforts of home for the constant traveler. Often times these locations have a full service restaurant, gas pumps, private showers, laundry facilities, and even game rooms to unwind in before departure. This is a great resource for RVers because not only do you have these amenities but also it’s perfectly acceptable to camp out overnight for some sleep.

Parking Lot

Sometimes, the previous two spots are unavailable or too few and far between. Holding out on stopping for sleep or fuel can be bad news, so what are you to do? Well, an option that is never in short supply is a shopping center parking lot. Many stores such as Wal-Mart allow your Oklahoma City RV to sit out overnight on their property. It’s pretty convenient because most of these stores are open 24/7, which means you can stop whenever you need to and get supplies as well as some Zzzs.

Do you use these options for the long ride ahead? Feel free to share your favorite places to stop your motorhome in the comments!

RV Campground Tips

If you own or are renting a RV, a campground can be a great place to stop, relax and have some fun while on your Oklahoma RV excursion.  Below are a few examples of what you, as an RV traveler, should be looking for.

There are two types of campgrounds, either private or public.  Public campgrounds usually reside at state parks, national parks and forests. The reputation and offerings are pretty consistent within these similar types of campsites.  They are usually pretty uniform with a smaller selection of amenities.   (As opposed to private campgrounds, which may have more amenities than its public counterparts, but may also be more expensive to counteract these upgrades.)  These upgrades are necessary to some, but looking more in depth at what they offer will certainly help you make a more informed decision when it comes to where you are staying.

Do they have electric and 50amp hookups?  Do they offer clean water and sewer removal?  These are probably the two more important questions you should  find the answers to. With others offering onsite pools, wireless internet and cable TV, please be sure to ask as many questions as possible to know your campground.  Don’t forget about the dog!  Even though these days it’s rare to find, some campsites still don’t allow pets of any kind!  Be prudent though.  Look around and determine if the owners take care of the grounds, keep their site clean and waste-free, and don’t be scared to ask some of the present tenants about their experience.  If you are still not sure about your selection, several organizations are dedicated to rating campgrounds, such as AAA or Trailer Life.  Consulting these types of services could be an invaluable tool.

Still lost?  We can help you with your decision where to stay!  Leave us a comment below about your recent campground experience and let us know which type of campground you prefer.