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With colder weather coming on, you may want to have some service done to your RV. Whether you need to winterize your motorhome for storage or plan to continue to use your rig into the winter months and want to make sure that it’s in good shape, the service department at Leisure Time RV can help you.

Our newly expanded service center now features 18 state of the art bays, one of the largest in Oklahoma! This facility has 16′ high and 14′ wide electric operating bay doors.

We offer a full array of RV Services including:

  • Full Paint, Fiberglass and Body Repair
  • Regular/Routine Maintenance
  • Wheel Bearing Repacks
  • Break Repair
  • Complete coach service on ALL trailers & motorhomes
  • Appliance Repairs
  • Winterizing / De-Winterizing Service
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Awning Repairs
  • Roof Repair and Maintenance


We also offer collision repair. Our paint and body experts utilize the most sophisticated technology to restore your RV to pristine condition and have you back on the road.

Service Center Hours

Monday – Friday | 8:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday | 9:00am – 1:00pm

Sunday | Closed

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Stop by Leisure Time RV for whatever RV needs you have. From sales and service to parts and accessories, Leisure Time RV is your dealership in Oklahoma City for everything RV-related. Schedule service today if your RV is experiencing any issues or if you just want to stay on top of its maintenance schedule.

Must Have RV Accessories

You’ve got your RV packed and ready to go but feel you’re forgetting a couple of “must have” items that will make or break the comfort and convenience of the trip. While there are many accessories that  aren’t required, there are a few that you don’t want to leave home without.

A visit to Leisure Time RV’s online inventory will give you plenty of ideas about things you need to add to your packing list.

  • RV parks vary from place to place when it comes to level areas to park your ride. Invest in a trailer level to take any guessing out of the process of leveling your RV when setting up camp.
  • Include both gardening gloves and disposable gloves on your list. Gardening gloves provide extra grip when working with hookups. Disposable gloves provide a layer of protection when working with sewer hookups.
  • Add a 50-foot extension cord that handles 30amps in case you need it and a spare sewer hose in case of emergencies. Also bring along extra batteries for flashlights.
  • Child gates serve several purposes. Use the gates to create a safe space for children to play or to block them from rooms they shouldn’t be in unaccompanied. They’re also a discreet way to create the illusion of privacy between you and a neighboring RVer. If camping with your dog, these gates will prohibit him from running around the RV by keeping him contained in one area.
  • A crock pot is a must for any kitchen. Prepare your meal in the morning and let it cook all day while you’re out and about enjoying the scenery.
  • Number one at the top of the must have list is an awning. This single item provides much need shade, when necessary, and protects you from the elements. Purchase a custom made awning made of heavy-duty, mildew-resistant fabric, or an electric, retractable model. Add a pair of folding lawn chairs to enjoy the shady outdoor area.
  • If traveling with pets, invest in a quality pet carrier that provides ample room for moving around, more than adequate ventilation, a watering option, and one that can be safely secured inside the RV.

Contact us at Leisure Time RV for all your travel needs. With our years of experience, we’ll have your RV accessorized in a flash and ready to roll.

Photo by Serendigity (Flickr Creative Commons)

2013 Travel Trailer Giveaway at Leisure Time RV

New RV Oklahoma

We call our blog “Love, Life, Leisure” because we are an Oklahoma RV dealer that truly enjoys what we do. We are happy to help people discover the RV lifestyle and introducing them to an activity that can change their lives. RVing opens up a whole new world for families that includes travel, discovery, bonding, and educational opportunities. That’s why we are particularly happy to give one family the opportunity to actually win their own travel trailer.

Imagine winning your very own travel trailer. Think about the possibilities for weekend travel, vacations, and spur of the moment getaways. Consider the places you can go, things you can see, and memories you will create.

We hope everyone will take this opportunity to register. There is no cost or obligation and somebody is going to win… it may just be you!

If you don’t want to take any chances of missing the RV lifestyle, we invite you to visit Leisure Time RV. We’re an Oklahoma RV dealership that sells new and used RVs with a parts and service department that can’t be beat. For those who want to try RVing, we offer RV rentals. RV rentals are a growing trend across the country and they give you an opportunity to try before you buy. Contact us to learn more.

Entering the contest is easy. Just fill out the registration form. To keep things fair we are requesting that entries be limited to those 18 years or older and, please, only enter once per person.

We are members of the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association on both a local and national level and look forward to serving you. Explore the possibilities that RVing can provide. Visit Leisure Time RV today, and remember to enter our contest for our free travel trailer giveaway.

Organizing Your Oklahoma RV

Since our new motorhomes are always in motion, our things can easily slide around – quickly creating a mess and a safety hazard. Have you ever been driving and all of the sudden realize that either the brake or gas pedal is jammed? Somehow something has fallen on to the floorboard and rolled its way up to your pedals causing a jam. Or maybe after a long drive, you go to open a cabinet and realize that all of its contents have fallen over or moved around. Now you have to go in and clean up or reorganize the mess.

Luckily, there are several inexpensive and effective things we can do to help prevent things from sliding around in your Leisure Time RV. First thing to do is line all of your cabinets and drawers with non-slip liner. You can find non adhesive shelf liners almost anywhere and they are great because they also cushion and protect your contents. You can also add slide-out shelving in your cabinets with attached baskets. Not only will this help keep your belongings in space, it will also maximize the space your working with. Slide-out shelving is also a great idea for your RV kitchen. Shelves with lips on the end are perfect for your pots and pans and there are even ones you can find that are specifically for food items like cans and sauces.

Another route for cabinets, is to use stacking bins or shelves to divide cabinet or cubby space to further help prevent items from shifting. You can find inexpensive, freestanding drawer units that serve as shelves. Be sure to use ones with lips on the end, though. That way your things won’t be able to slid off the edge. If you have limited space in your RV bathroom, you may want to try using containers with suction cups on your mirror. This is great for organizing and keeps your toiletries in place while you’re driving. Another option is to use a hanging shoe holder to store. There are many other little tricks out there to help keep your things in place while your on the road. Most of which are also space savers. Does anyone else have any tips they can share for fellow Oklahoma City RVers?