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With colder weather coming on, you may want to have some service done to your RV. Whether you need to winterize your motorhome for storage or plan to continue to use your rig into the winter months and want to make sure that it’s in good shape, the service department at Leisure Time RV can help you.

Our newly expanded service center now features 18 state of the art bays, one of the largest in Oklahoma! This facility has 16′ high and 14′ wide electric operating bay doors.

We offer a full array of RV Services including:

  • Full Paint, Fiberglass and Body Repair
  • Regular/Routine Maintenance
  • Wheel Bearing Repacks
  • Break Repair
  • Complete coach service on ALL trailers & motorhomes
  • Appliance Repairs
  • Winterizing / De-Winterizing Service
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Awning Repairs
  • Roof Repair and Maintenance


We also offer collision repair. Our paint and body experts utilize the most sophisticated technology to restore your RV to pristine condition and have you back on the road.

Service Center Hours

Monday – Friday | 8:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday | 9:00am – 1:00pm

Sunday | Closed

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Stop by Leisure Time RV for whatever RV needs you have. From sales and service to parts and accessories, Leisure Time RV is your dealership in Oklahoma City for everything RV-related. Schedule service today if your RV is experiencing any issues or if you just want to stay on top of its maintenance schedule.

Taking Your Pets on the Road

When you choose to travel by plane or even rental car, you’re often unable to bring your pets along for the ride. But as an RV traveler, you don’t have to make that difficult choice between boarding your pets or having a friend look after them while you’re away — your pets can come along and enjoy the journey too. But before you pack your pets into your RV and hit the road, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure the trip is comfortable for both you and your pet.

Go For a Test Drive

If you’ve never taken a road trip with your dog or cat before, it’s important to see how they will act by taking them on smaller local trips. If your pet gets sick in the car or seems overly anxious (cats are often not as comfortable on the road), it can actually be less stressful for him or her to stay at home.

Visit the Vet

If you haven’t taken your pet to the vet lately, you’ll want to make sure he is in good health for a long road trip. Your vet can also help you with any paperwork or vaccinations you may need for the areas in which you’ll be traveling. If you’re planning to cross borders in your RV, your vet can help you understand the quarantine laws and can provide the paperwork you need for crossing the border without a glitch.

Make Your Pet Comfortable

Despite how much your pet loves riding in the car, the transition to a new lifestyle can make him or her a bit uncomfortable. Be sure to pack your pet’s favorite items from home — including toys, beds, etc. — and don’t forget food and water bowls, prescriptions and your veterinarian’s contact information.

Buy Your RV at Leisure Time

In search of a new or used RV for you and your pet to enjoy? Come see us at Leisure Time RV — your local Oklahoma RV dealer — to browse our huge selection new and used RVs right here in Oklahoma City. We’re your one stop shop for RV service, parts and accessories too, so stop in and see us today.

Photo by tmst23 (Flickr Creative Commons)

Southern Louisiana RV Trip!

Oklahoma City RV

Many Oklahoma RV owners will be thinking about heading south soon. Some will go for an extended period, others for a respite from the cold temperatures for a week or so. If you’ve never considered New Orleans as an RV destination, we can understand why. The city after all, does have a hard partying reputation. But beyond Bourbon Street, Southern Louisiana can be an a very RV friendly area with lots of things to see and do. At Leisure Time RV, we thought we would put together a list of some of the more “family friendly” things to do in the Crescent City.

The National World War II Museum – This relatively new attraction opened in 2000. It not only has vehicles and exhibits from the World War II era, but it also has The Stage Door Canteen. The Canteen schedules live shows and offers dining. World War II veterans are admitted free.

The Audubon Zoo – This is one of the best zoos in the country, covering almost 60 acres and housing some 2,000 animals. The zoo has themed areas like the Louisiana Swamp and Jaguar Jungle. Here you will be witness to a rare white tiger and even white alligators.

The Aquarium of the Americas – The Aquarium is part of the Audubon Nature Institute along with the zoo. Feed the penguins, learn about the Gulf fishing industry, and get close to animals from the Amazon region.

The French Market – An experience for the senses, the French Market is filled with interesting sights, sounds, and smells. Here you’ll find great food and shops that offer the unusual. The French Market is a definite stop along the Mississippi River.

Riverwalk – Riverwalk offers diining and shopping and opportunities to take a river cruise or just watch boat traffic on the Mississippi. You can also see the nine-panel Holocaust Memorial. When the panels are viewed a certain way, you can see a Star of David.

Above Ground Cemeteries – Since much of New Orleans is at or below sea level, above ground cemeteries have become a tourist attraction. Many of these cemeteries have a very long history and many provide guided tours. They are particularly popular as Halloween approaches.

Many Oklahoma City motor homes will be heading south soon, and if yours is one of them, consider southern Louisiana as a stop. Before heading out, remember Leisure Time RV for all of your parts and accessories.

Best Smartphone Apps for the RVer

Oklahoma City Used RVAt Leisure Time RV we are always happy to introduce someone to the RV lifestyle. People adopt the RV lifestyle for a variety of reasons, and adapt to the lifestyle in a variety of ways.

One aspect that takes some getting used to is the planning side of RVing. We are constantly impressed with the variety of approaches people take to planning their trips. We have customers with maps that are practically falling apart, with routes and previous destinations marked in hi-lighter. Some mark their travels with window stickers. More and more we are seeing our customers using smartphone apps.

There are a variety of apps available that many will find useful in all of their travels and some are custom designed for campers and RVers. If you are an Oklahoma RV lover with a smartphone, you may want to check out some of these apps.

Gas Buddy: This is a popular website and now a popular smartphone app. Gas Buddy features an updated list of gas prices throughout North America. You can find out the gas prices where you are or where you are headed. Gas Buddy is a must for RVers looking to save on fuel… and who isn’t?

Oh Ranger! Park Finder: This is a great app for those who are partial to staying in National or State Parks. Pop in the city, state, or zip code and Oh Ranger! will give you the distance you are from the park, what it has for amenities, and even events going on at the park.

Woodall’s RV and Camping Co-pilot – The bible of RVing and camping comes to a smartphone, which is new this year. Everything you could want to know about the destination you are heading to is within your grasp with Woodall’s RV and Camping Co-pilot.

All Stays Truck & Travel App – Not designed specifically for RVers, but it is a great resource for roads that can or can be traveled by large vehicles. It also lists travel stops that can be more convenient to fuel up at that your corner gas station. If you have a large RV or motorhome this can be very valuable.

If you are looking for a new Oklahoma RV, we invite you to see us at Leisure Time RV. Whether you are comfortable with hi-tech gadgets or not, we can help make your RV experience more enjoyable!

Be A Careful Oklahoma RV Driver

Last year, more than 33,000 lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents. It makes that number seem even worse when you take into account that most of those accidents were preventable. As RV owners, we typically spend more time on the road than the driver of an average passenger vehicle.  If I had to guess, I’d say that 10 percent of the driving population in this country would admit that their driving skills are less than par. That being said, the majority of us think we are great drivers. Recent statistics from Consumer Reports proves that a large chunk of us are mistaken and that even the smallest thing we do behind the wheel of our Oklahoma RVs can make a difference.

Children. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for kids between 3 and 12 years old. By placing all children 12 and under in the back seat, you can reduce injury risk by 64 percent for children under 8 and 31 percent for 9-12 year-olds. Always secure your children with the age-appropriate restraints. In addition to possibly saving their lives, securing your children will prevent you from losing control due to the children bouncing all over the place. If you’re driving a class A, B or C motorhome, and you choose to let your children roam freely, take a piece of tape and place it on the floor behind or around the driver’s seat. Tell your children that this zone is off limits while the RV is moving.

Speed. Speeding plays a factor in one-third of all fatal crashes, killing nearly 900 Americans every month. In the end, you’d have to be driving 100 mph or more to make any kind of real impact in arrival time. So take that extra 10 mph you’ve become accustomed to driving and knock it down to five over. You really shouldn’t be speeding in an RV, anyway. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the phrase,  the bigger they are the harder they fall. Need more incentive than that? Get a load of this… not speeding will help with your fuel consumption.

Distractions. In 2009, over 5,400 people were killed due to distracted driving and 448,000 were injured. Remember, as an RV driver you are responsible for every life in the RV. So keep your eyes on the road at all times. Don’t text, email, eat, play with the GPS or anything else that may cause you to become distracted. Taking your eyes off the road for two seconds can result in a deadly crash. Stay alert and always pay attention to your surroundings. I know that some accidents are not our faults, but being a defensive driver will help you predict and avoid these types of accidents.

Maintenance. Preventative maintenance prevents accidents. Routinely check you’re the pressure and tread of your tires, your fluid levels and battery. If you’re unsure of how to do anything of these things, come down to our Oklahoma City RV Dealership We’ll be happy to take care of you.

As I mentioned before, a high percentage of motor vehicle accidents are preventable. So be aware of your surroundings and take measures to prevent damaging your precious new or used RV and its precious cargo.