How to Prepare Thanksgiving Dinner in Your RV

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There’s no doubt that cooking in your RV involves some creativity, but that little bit of resourcefulness is well worth the time spent with your family on the road for the holidays. Follow these few tips for cooking Thanksgiving dinner in your RV, and you’re guaranteed to have a meal as delicious as the one you’d cook in your spacious kitchen at home.

The Main Course

Turkey is certainly the star of Thanksgiving dinner, and it’s something many RV-lovers don’t want to sacrifice. Fortunately, you don’t have to. If you can’t find a small turkey that will fit in your RV oven, cut the turkey in half or cook turkey breasts instead.

Not too worried about the turkey? A ham will easily fit into your RV oven, and it will feed a lot of guests too.

The “Fixin’s”

Everyone has a Thanksgiving side they look forward to the most. It may seem impossible to please all of your guests, but you’ll be surprised how much you can pull off with a little extra preparation.

Cook casseroles a day or two ahead of time and just pop them in the oven to reheat before the meal. This will save you tons of time on Thanksgiving Day, so you can enjoy more time with the ones you love. Don’t forget about all of your resources either. Use the stove top, microwave, oven and outdoor kitchen (if you have one). You can even enjoy s’mores over the bonfire as a new tradition instead of baking a pie.

Buy From the Locals

Wherever you take your Oklahoma RV this Thanksgiving, it’s likely there’s a farmer’s market or locally-owned deli nearby. Pick up delicious pies, sides, breads and local veggies if you need them. The farmers will be thankful you did!

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An RV Thanksgiving

It’s once again that time of year where we take a moment to reflect on what’s happened over the past year. We find ourselves giving thanks for all the fortunate times we’ve had and for being able to come together again. Some Oklahoma City RVers are lucky enough to not only travel for Thanksgiving, but a select few are taking the holiday to the road. If you’re celebrating from aboard your motorhome this year, here are a few tips to make it even better.

Get Festive

Everyone decorates for Hanukkah and Christmas. Set yourself apart this year by allowing Thanksgiving the attention it deserves. Get in the mood to celebrate by transforming the interior of your motorhome into a homage for our ancestors who forged a life here with the Native Americans. There are many options if you look for them, not including all the turkey related crafts you can make on our own. If you have children, you can use their hands to trace as turkey feathers and let them have fun decorating it.

Location, Location, Location

A clear advantage RVers have to everyone else is that they go anywhere! That kind of freedom really opens up doors for special events. Instead of driving through traffic and dealing with uncooperative weather, you can head out to the remote areas with beautiful sunsets. If you’re visiting family, you will be saving them the trouble of finding you a place to sleep since you are coming with your own beds and living area. So, having a motorhome really becomes an asset for all occasions.


If you’re not hosting the big dinner on your RV, perhaps you’re under the impression that you don’t have enough room. This is a false assumption from those without experience. Modern RVs have unique storage and space options that can give you twice the area to work with. The ovens are big enough for a turkey, there are plenty of burners for vegetables, and once items are warm they can be kept in the microwave until you’re ready.

What will you be giving thanks for this holiday season? Share your holiday cheer with everyone in the comments below!