Tailgating Tips for your RV

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Taking your RV tailgating is even better than taking a pickup truck with a tailgate. You can carry more stuff for your tailgate party, plus you’ll have access to facilities and running water. You can spice up your tailgate party in many ways, including using team colors and setting up properly.

Before you head out to that first tailgate party, be sure your RV has been serviced at Leisure Time RV and is ready to go for the season. This way, you won’t have to worry about trying to get it scheduled for a by week or an away game.

Setting Up

Make a list of everything you need, including the extra canopy, grill, grilling utensils, food, chairs and whatever else you are bringing. Laminate the list. Now you can cross off each item with a dry erase pen as it’s packed – and you have a list to use for the next tailgate party.

Once you get to your spot – and try to pick a grassy spot if you can – set up the RV and open the canopy. Bring an extra canopy for more shade. You’ll have the space to store it in the pass-through storage or on one of the beds. Make sure you have a couple of extra chairs in the event you meet new friends or current friends unexpectedly show up.

Make sure the grill is in a safe place if your RV doesn’t have an outdoor kitchen. If you’re the type who likes to watch the charcoal go “POOF!” when you light it, make sure the grill isn’t under the canopy.

Use a hanging shoe organizer to hold solo cups, condiment bottles, plasticware and anything else you might need for your tailgate party. You can hang it on the canopy. This will save a ton of space on the tables.

Make it Fun

Find some balloons that are in your favorite team’s colors. Fill them with water, then freeze them. Use them to keep your drinks cold instead of regular ice. Another way to display your favorite team’s colors is to tie a bandanna around a mason jar. Use the mason jar to hold plasticware.

Be sure to bring a football to toss around and some other things to do, especially if you’re the type who likes to tailgate starting in the early morning on a day with an afternoon game.

Stop by Leisure Time RV to pick up any accessories you might need to make your tailgate party the best party at the game.

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