Take A Closer Look At the 2013 Crossroads Redwood 36RE

If you are in the market for a new RV in the 38-foot range, take a closer look at the 2013 Crossroads Redwood 36RE when you visit Leisure Time RV, an Oklahoma City RV dealership. While this fifth wheel only sleeps four, it has plenty of room for the four in the event that you end up stuck inside because of bad weather. The three slides ensure that there is plenty of room in this new RV Oklahoma.

Enjoy the Redwood Parks package and the Redwood full-time living package, including an upgraded 12 cubic-foot refrigerator with icemaker, and a convection microwave for cooking your favorite meals. The island sink makes food preparation and clean-up much easier and gives the cook plenty of space to work. On the subject of clean up, make short work of vacuuming with the central vac system.

Enjoy the large island kitchen while cooking your favorite foods.

Keep yourself warm on cooler nights with the 5,100 BTU fireplace while you relax in front of the HDTV, watching your favorite shows or a great movie. Even while camping, you do not have to give up movie night — just bring plenty of popcorn and you are all set! For the warm nights, enjoy the ceiling fan to help circulate the air from the 30,000 BTU air conditioning and cool off the inside even more.

Crossroads builds its RVs with quality and comfort in mind. Their one-piece walk-on rubber roofs are more resistant to leaks and are more durable. This is great for those who like to take the RV to the races and sit on the roof to watch. You have the best seat in the house because people are not standing in front of you, blocking your view.

OSB construction allows for moistur3e degradation, so Crossroads uses plywood on the roof and floor decking to avoid this issue. Another advantage of using plywood is that it is stronger than OSB. Also, the exterior of the RV is made of fiberglass, which means that it is easy to maintain and keep clean. If you let road grunge and pollen build up on the paint, it fades. Proper cleaning keeps your RV looking brand new and the fiberglass siding makes this chore easy.

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