Take a Hike!


November 17 is “Take a Hike Day” and we challenge you to do just that. Put down the TV remote, the iPad, or video games and get ready to soak in the sunshine.

Whether you’re a full-timer or just doing some traveling with the family in your trailer, plan on taking a hike this Sunday. This is a great way to spend quality time with your family, get some exercise, and to have a little adventure.

Grab your hiking boots, a few walking sticks, fill up your camel pack with water, and hit the trails. Promoting good health and physical activity is the best part of this day.

If you’re looking for a trail to hike, here are a couple of good ones:

If you’re close to Lawton or want to take a drive from Oklahoma City, stop by the granite domes of Elk Mountain located in the Wichita Mountains. This area is great for hiking and/or climbing. The summit shows off a 270 degree view of the surroundings.

photographer jonathanw10 on Flickr, image pulled from Wikipedia Commons

If you’re into a short day trip this is the trail for you at 1.1 miles long. If you’re looking for something a little longer for an all day adventure you can travel to one of the most popular parks in Southern Oklahoma.

Beavers Bend State Park is North of Broken Bow, and trail-head to trail-head is six miles long. This incredible hike will take you in a loop to the top of the bluffs and ridgelines. There are breathtaking views, and even though the elevation is only 500 feet, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.

While you are out and about getting physically and mentally healthy on Take a Hike Day don’t forget the Hiker’s responsibility code.

Always let someone know where you are hiking, understand how to use any gear you are bringing with you, your whole hiking gang should stay together, turn back if the weather starts to change, and remember it’s your responsibility; be prepared.

Here at Leisure Time RV we promote good old healthy leisure time, so please enjoy Take a Hike Day!

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