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When you’re considering making the transition to a full-time RV lifestyle, the big change can seem intimidating at first. Full-time life on the road means you’ll likely be living in a smaller space than your former brick-and-mortar home, and you’ll probably be downsizing your belongings too. Choosing the correct RV for your life on the road is one of the most critical parts of ensuring you enjoy your new lifestyle.

This simple guide, coupled with help from our certified staff at Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma, will help you choose a recreational vehicle that’s perfect for your needs.

Pop-Up Campers

Small RVs like pop-up campers can be convenient for travelers who like to camp more primitively, but they’re not efficient for making quick stops to prepare meals or take a nap when needed.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers offer more amenities and more space than small pop-up campers, but their bigger size can also make them more difficult to tow. Travel trailers also tend to have lower price-points than other large RVs (like fifth wheels and Class A motorhomes). When choosing a travel trailer, remember that many must be towed with a heavy-duty truck that may get poor gas mileage for around-town driving.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are taller and almost always heavier than travel trailers, which means you get fewer miles to the gallon in your towing vehicle. But what you lose in mileage you gain in space and privacy, which is one of the key ingredients to enjoying life on the road.

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes are the most popular motorhomes used for full-time RV living. Class A motorhomes offer residential interiors and often feature many of the creature comforts you’ve come to love in your brick-and-mortar home. Large Class A motorhomes can be difficult to maneuver, so you’ll almost always want to tow a car behind your RV for getting around town.

Let Us Help

Here at Leisure Time RV — your local Oklahoma RV dealer — our goal is to help you find the motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel or pop-up of your dreams, so stop in and see us in Oklahoma City today.

Image by MillenniumMotorCoaches via Flickr Creative Commons

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