Thanksgiving Decorations for Your RV


Big meals, lavish table decorations and a large number of seats at the table often make travelers think they should spend Thanksgiving at home. However, the fall holiday can be even more enjoyable in your RV. Spend the holiday with family and friends old and new at an RV park, and you’re guaranteed to find plenty of reasons to give thanks.

Decorating your RV for your Thanksgiving get-together will make all of your guests feel more festive, so spruce up your home away from home with these simple and affordable Thanksgiving decorating tips.

Find Natural Decorations

You don’t have to spend big bucks on manufactured decorations this time of year. Stop by a local farmers’ market near the RV park you’re visiting and support the local community by purchasing gourds, pumpkins, cornstalks and other homegrown decorations. You can even gather fallen leaves and branches at the campsite to make your RV entrance and awning area more festive.

Create Wax Paper Leaves

Create your own decorative window hangings with your little campers this season. Iron leaves of varying shapes and sizes between two sheets of wax paper. Hang them by a piece of fishing string in your RV windows, and you’ll enjoy festive fall colors when the sun shines through.

Stop at the Thrift Store

Non-profit thrift stores are ideal places to find cheap decorations and give back to the communities you’re visiting. Even better, you can donate them back to a non-profit store when you’re finished. Gather an old pair of kids’ blue jeans and a flannel shirt to stuff and use as a scarecrow at your campsite. Thrift stores are also great for picking up decorations and candles without feeling like you spent an impractical amount of travel money.

Upgrade Your RV

Enjoy family get-togethers in your RV more than ever by upgrading to a larger, more modern home on wheels. This fall, we’re offering unbeatable deals on new and used recreational vehicles at Leisure Time RVs, so you can start your new RV lifestyle today.

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