The 5 Best Camping Activities

When you plan an RV trip, you usually purchase any items you might need before you leave, and you pack everything you think you will need. When you go through this step, don’t forget to pack things for activities. You’ll want some activities to keep you busy if it rains and you’ll want something to do for those great days when the weather is perfect.

Before you head out, make a list of things you need to do before you leave, such as stopping by Leisure Time RV for service or to pick up any accessories and supplies for the trip. In addition to the regular packing list, make a list of activities and the items you need for those activities.

Hiking: This is one of the best camping activities you can do. Be sure to pack your hiking boots, your camera and extra batteries, a backpack and water bottles to take with you.

Fishing: Pack the correct tackle box and fishing gear. Some anglers have one box for fly fishing, one for lake fishing, one for shallow water fishing and so on. If you’re not big on wading in shorts and bare feet, be sure to pack some waders or water sneakers.

Birding: Be sure you have the camera, tripod and proper lenses – and the binoculars. Unless you know the birds in the area you’ll be camping in, bring a birding book for that area, too.

Campfires: Be sure to pack plenty of hot dogs, marshmallows and everything you need for s’mores. You’ll also need a hatchet or axe for this activity unless you are in a place that doesn’t allow you to cut firewood. In that case, you can either bring some if you’ve got the space in one of the basement storage compartments or you can buy some at many campgrounds.

Kayaking: Depending on where you are going, you may be able to rent a kayak. If not, you can bring your own. Don’t forget to pack lifejackets and sealable baggies to keep things dry in the event you flip or get splashed by some fun rapids.

When you plan your trip ahead of time, it makes things less stressful – and you’re not as likely to forget something. This also allows you time to stop at Leisure Time RV to pick up anything you might need for the RV.

Image by Jamie McCaffrey via Flickr Creative Commons

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