The Best Kitchen Utensils for Your RV


Cooking in your RV’s compact kitchen can seem difficult at first. Although, with the right set of tools, you can prepare all of your favorite meals and sweet treats while living life on the road. The following are a few must-have kitchen utensils for the upcoming summer season, and they can all be found at our Leisure Time RV online parts store.

Add-A-Drawer by Smart Solutions

This Smart Solutions Add-A-Drawer helps you add space to your RV’s kitchen without making any major renovations. The drawer includes an easy-pull handle, and a double rail design that fits most table styles. The Add-A-Drawer mounts under just about any cupboard or table in your RV, so you can add space to other rooms too.

Folding Colander by B&R Plastics

The RV lifestyle is all about saving space, and this folding colander can help you do just that. The colander is dishwasher safe and folds completely flat for easier storage. Even more, the folding colander includes a built-in pour spout, making it much easier to use.

Mini Dishpan by Camco Manufacturing Co. 

This Camco miniature dishpan fits perfectly inside small RV sinks, so you can wash your dishes without wasting water or time. Available for just $6.89, this dishpan holds 9 quarts of water, but its compact size makes it easy to store as well. If you’ve been letting too much precious water flow down the drain when you’re camping off the grid, this perfectly-sized dishpan is exactly what you need.

Cupboard Bar by Camco Manufacturing Co. 

Tired of listening to your items clank around your cupboard with every turn your RV makes? This double cupboard bar keeps your cans, bottles and other items secure in your cabinets and refrigerator while you’re on the go. The bar extends from 10 inches to 17 inches to suit a wide range of storage spaces.

Find all of these must-have items and countless others, ranging from kitchen appliances to grilling gear, right here at our Leisure Time RV online parts store.

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