The Best National Parks in the South


Many RV travelers assume our country’s best national parks are all “Out West,” but that’s not always the case. The South is home to a number of breathtaking national parks that rival our country’s favorites. Fire up your RV and cruise to these southern national parks for the spring and summer camping seasons.

Shiloh National Military Park – Shiloh, Tennessee

America’s national parks aren’t always created because of national wonders. The Shiloh National Military Park is preserved for its historic importance. It’s where the Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston launched an attack on Ulysses S. Grant’s camp on the Tennessee river. Despite the attack being a surprise, the Union Army won the battle with a counterattack and took control of the Mississippi River Valley. This park is much less crowded than Pennsylvania’s Gettysburg National Military Park, but is an ideal place to honor the 23,000 people who died in battle and learn about the area through tours and hikes.

Congaree National Park — Hopkins, South Carolina

South Carolina is known for its beaches, but the locals know that the floodplain forests are some of the state’s best natural features. Visit this 27,000-acre national park, which offers 25 miles of hiking trails through the forests. The park serves as a home to turtles, bobcats, river otters, alligators and an abundance of bird species. Bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts will fall in love with this off-the-beaten path southern national park.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore — Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

North Carolina’s Outer Banks are one of our country’s greatest natural sites, and the sand in your toes and warm Atlantic Ocean waters make it an ideal spring and summer getaway option. The Cape Hatteras National Seashore is an untouched stretch of ocean coastline and salt marshes that make a great jumping point for all of your favorite water-based activities.

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