The Best Ways to Keep the Mosquitoes Away This Summer


Mosquitoes are one of summer’s greatest pests, and keeping that at bay can be a serious challenge in the hot, humid summer weather. The following effortless tips for keeping your campsite mosquito-free will keep everyone safe and comfortable this season.

Ditch the Standing Water

Using a kiddy pool to cool off? Or are your RV’s gutters collecting water? Mosquitoes breed in areas of standing water, so be sure to empty those areas as much as possible. Keeping the air around your campsite and home moving, with fans set on low, can also keep the mosquitoes from settling in certain areas (especially around food).

Use Lavender Body Oil

If you’re tired of smelly, greasy bug sprays, a natural solution could be exactly what you’re seeking. Mix 30 drops of lavender essential oil with two tablespoons of olive oil and rub it on your exposed skin. You’ll smell great, and the mosquitoes will finally stay away.

Get Rid of Tall Weeds

The state of your lawn could have a lot to do with the number of mosquitoes living there. Mosquitoes like to hide in tall weeds, and clipping those tall weeds can send them off to different places. Once you’ve mowed, remove the clippings, because the insects tend to stay in the clippings after they’ve fallen.

Check Your Citronella Candles

Many campers complain that citronella candles just don’t seem to work. One of the major problems is that many candles are simply citronella scented, and they don’t actually contain citronella oil. Citronella oil is a main deterrent for mosquitoes, so read the packaging of your candles carefully before purchasing, so you don’t end up with some duds.

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