The Simple Life

One of the things you might be thinking of for retirement is living in an RV – or maybe you’re not ready to retire, but you work from home and can work from anywhere you happen to be parked. Keeping life simple is the key to RV living – and it’s a very different lifestyle from what you might be used to.

As part of your plans, stop by Leisure Time RV to check out various floor plans. You’ll want something that is roomy enough so you don’ t feel claustrophobic when you are stuck inside due to rain or cold. After you choose a floor plan, it’s time to figure out what you’re bringing with you, what you’re putting in storage and what you’re selling.

RV life needs to be simple and uncluttered – there simply isn’t room in the RV for clutter. Loose items tend to go flying when you are traveling so everything must have a place where it can be secured. Plus, you don’t want something to go flying forward and smacking you in the back of the head while you are driving – or flying through the windshield.

You can reduce clutter in a number of ways:

  • Go electronic. Request a digital copy of all bills and pay the bills online or over the phone. Most places give you this option so there is no need for paper bills. Set up Internet banking with your bank. If your bank doesn’t have Internet banking (a rarity in today’s world) or the Internet banking leaves something to be desired, consider switching banks.
  • Keep in touch with friends and family via email and the phone. You can also set up groups on some social media sites or mailing lists through Yahoo or Google.
  • Get rid of the desktop and get a laptop. Even if you work from home and require a computer, a laptop does just fine. It’s small and can be stored in the bottom of a closet when you’re not using it. You can also take it outside to work.
  • Use baskets to hold small items such as the television remote, reading glasses, cameras and other small items that you use every day. Not only can you find these things when you need them, but they have a place to stay while you are on the road.

Keeping the clutter contained and converting to electronic bill pay and banking are just two of the things you can do to keep RV living simple. Stop by Leisure Time RV to pick up any accessories you may need to organize your RV, including under-table drawers and other storage options.

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