The Tips You Need for Winter Camping


Camping isn’t just a summertime activity. In fact, camping in the colder months of winter can be just as enjoyable (or even more enjoyable) than camping in other seasons. The thinner campground crowds, exciting outdoor winter activities and thrill of camping in more extreme conditions make this one of the best times of year to pitch a tent and enjoy the great outdoors.

However, camping in the colder temperatures of winter means you need to take extra precautions to keep yourself and your fellow campers safe. The following four tips are ones that will help you make the most out of this winter camping season.

Pack the Snow at Your Campsite

The first thing you should do upon arrival at your campsite is pack the snow in the area where you’ll be placing your tent. Packing the snow will create a smooth and solid surface will keep you more comfortable and prevent tears in your tent due to soft spots.

Pad Your Sleeping Space

A sleeping pad is essential to keeping you off the ground and warm when camping in cold temperatures. Pack a thick sleeping pad or layer your pad with clothing, blankets, towels or other soft goods to keep you warm.

Dry Your Bag in the Day

Flip your sleeping bag inside-out and hang it outside on days when you’re not expecting snow or rain. This will help remove any condensation from the interior of your bag, so you can sleep comfortably the following night.

Wear Fire-Resistant Outer Layers By the Fire

You’ll want to sit close to a hot fire when you’re camping in cold temperatures, but it’s important to wear a flame-resistant outer layer, such as wool, when close to the flames. Down jackets burn easily due to heat and stray embers, so keep flammable materials inside your tent at night.

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