The Top National Parks in the South


The American West gets most of the attention when it comes to breathtaking national parks, but the South is loaded with just as many wild getaways. In fact, many of the national parks in the South remain less crowded, so you can enjoy a more relaxing and scenic park experience. The following are a few of our favorite national parks in southern states, and we hope you’ll get out and explore them in your RV this spring and summer.

Big Bend National Park — Texas

Big Bend National Parks offers numerous outdoor experiences for travelers who can’t decide between the mountains, the desert or a water-based adventure. Big Bend offers more than 150 miles of hiking trails through rivers, canyons, the desert and the Chisos Mountains. A variety of plants and animals inhabit the park, and even those who don’t spot any wildlife, leave with photos and memories of the park’s unbeatable vistas. Big Bend National Park is located in the wilderness of southwest Texas.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park — North Carolina

Great Smoky Mountains National Park lies on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee and can be accessed in both states. It’s our country’s most visited national park for its ancient mountain scenery, incredible wildlife and unique Appalachian culture. With everything from wildflowers and waterfalls to historic mountain homes and churches, the park is one that travelers can visit time and time again without seeing the same sites twice.

Biscayne National Park — Florida

National parks don’t have to include mountain vistas and rugged hikes. The Biscayne National Park, just an hour from downtown Miami, offers a pristine underwater atmosphere with fish-covered coral reefs, rare plant species, manatees and countless other saltwater wonders. With 95 percent of the park covered in water, traditional national park hikes are substituted for snorkeling and scuba adventures.

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