The Top RV Bathroom Gadgets


Your bathroom may not be your favorite part of your RV, but it’s one of the most important. The RV industry is loaded with gadgets that can make your bathroom more convenient, comfortable and useful.

We offer a huge selection of RV bathroom gadgets and accessories right here at Leisure Time RV, and the following are a few of our favorites. You’ll have to log onto our online parts store or stop in and see us to view them all.

Waterfall Soap Saver

An RV is one of the most difficult places to keep your toiletries in place. This waterfall soap saver keeps your soap in one place while removing the water that makes it mushy. Place the soap saver at your bathroom sink, in your shower and at your kitchen sink as well to prolong the life of your soap and stop worrying about where it may have fallen during transit.

Extend-A-Shower Curtain Rod

Let’s face it, RV showers often lake the space you’re used to at home. The Extend-A-Shower curtain rod by Stromberg Carlson fits shower stalls between 35-inches and 42-inches wide and easily installs to give you more space. Even better, the shower rod folds away when not in use, so you don’t have to worry about taking up too much bathroom space either.

Tidee Tubb Ultra Clear

Keep your bathroom safe and your tub from overflowing with the Tidee Tubb original splash guard. The patented curve keeps your bathtub’s water inside, so you don’t risk accidents or messes from tub overflow. You purchase comes with right and left curves, installation instructions and a tube of caulk. In a matter of minutes, your family and friends will be safe from bathroom accidents.

See all of these awesome RV bathroom supplies and countless others on our online parts store. You can shop online at Leisure Time RV 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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