Things to Consider Before Going Full Time in Your RV

Changing from your current lifestyle to a full time RV lifestyle may sound great, and in many cases is, but there are many things you have to consider before you make this change. Some changes depend on your age; however, most changes affect those of all ages.

Finding the Right RV

Even if you currently have an RV, it might not be the right RV for going full time. Stop by Leisure Time RV to walk through some floor plans. Take your time considering the pros and cons of each floor plan. If you are older and it is just you or you and your spouse, your decision is easier; however, if you have a family or plan on having children, you must also take this into consideration.

Home and Belongings

If you own a home, you have to figure out what you are going to do with it – you could sell it or rent it. You could simply close it up so that when you are ready to return, it will be there for you. This option is easier if you have someone who can keep an eye on it for you. You’ll have to pay someone to do the upkeep while you are away.

As far as your belongings, you can put them in storage, keep them in your home if you are keeping your home, or you can have a huge yard sale. You’ll have to determine what you want to take with you, and it won’t be much. Storage is at a premium in an RV, plus every pound costs you in fuel economy.


The major thing you have to consider is finances. If you came into some money or managed to save a huge chunk of change, you’ll have to figure out how long it will last. Of course, if you won the lotto or inherited several million, this is not as much of a concern. If you are not planning on working while you are on the road, you’ll need to plan ahead so that you have enough to support your new RV lifestyle.

If you plan on working, you’ll have to find work. Some people do odd jobs, or if they are getting social security or a pension, will work for campgrounds in exchange for a free stay.

Getting Started

Stop by Leisure Time RV to pick up your RV and any accessories that you’ll need, including outdoor grilling equipment, storage organizers, chemicals for the black water tank, extra hoses and anything else that you might need while on the road.

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