Three Easy and Delicious Crock Pot Recipes

If you are all about having fun on vacations in your Leisuretime RV, and cooking is not a highlight in your day, a crock pot is a must!! You can throw a few ingredients in the crock pot in the morning, enjoy your day and still have a good dinner waiting at your RV home.

Here are three easy and really good Crock Pot recipes:


All you need is your favorite barbeque sauce and a couple pounds of chuck roast. (Cooked low and slow, it becomes very tender and tasty.) Cut the roast into a few larger pieces and add the barbeque sauce. If you like it hot add some red pepper flakes or red chile powder. If you like garlic, add powder or chopped. The key really is to cook the meat with the chile powder or flakes and garlic with just about a quarter cup of water low and slow – at least 6 hours. Then shred the meat, add the barbeque sauce and let it flavor the meat for about an hour. The barbeque beef served on soft rolls with a green salad, or a potato or macaroni salad is a wonderful combination.


You will need stew meat, potatoes (peeled or unpeeled) and chopped into bite size pieces, a few cups of frozen corn, a can of Rotel, a can of chopped tomatoes, and a can of beef broth. Combine everything in your crock pot on low and cook for at least 6 hours. You may want to add some salt and pepper to taste and garlic salt is a good addition as well. Serve with some shredded cheese on top and with warm flour or corn tortillas and enjoy. This is a particularly good recipe for fall camping!


This is another recipe that is a favorite for fall camping. Look for any chicken tortilla soup mix in your grocery store or mix up your own combination of garlic salt, pepper, onion flakes, cumin and red chile powder – a key ingredient – the more, the spicier. You will also need cubed chicken (you can boil your own or make it really easy and buy a roasted chicken, de-bone and cut into bite size pieces. Combine the mix with the chicken, two cans of chicken broth,a can of corn, a can of black beans (drained) and 2 cans of chopped tomatoes. If you like it a bit on the hotter side substitute one can for a can of Rotel. Because all the ingredients are cooked in advance you just need to cook this on low for a few hours to let the flavors cook through. You can top with tortilla chips, grated cheese, chopped green onion and sour cream. Really nice on a crisp fall evening!

We hope you have a chance to try these recipes and that they become some of your Oklahoma RV trip favorites!

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