Throw a Memorable RV Party for Your Grad!


You don’t need a large amount of space to throw the ultimate graduation party. In fact, many of your guests will have more fun exploring a new destination and campground than they would at home. The following are a few simple but effective tips for throwing the ultimate party in your RV.

Start Planning the Food

Food, decorations and activities are some of the most important parts of your graduation party. Start by creating a list of foods that will accommodate all of your guests. Prepare those foods ahead of time (or hire a caterer if desired), so you’re not in the kitchen during the big day. You can even prepare hot foods the day before your festivities and store them in the refrigerator until they’re ready to be heated and enjoyed.

Go Above and Beyond with Decorations

Decorating the small space of an RV is easy, so don’t be afraid to go above and beyond to make your graduate proud. Hang streamers and balloons on the exterior and interior of your RV, and consider fun spring and summer decor ideas, like tiki torches, leis and more. Keep in mind that disposable tablecloths are extremely handy for turning those campground picnic tables into festive places to dine.

Line Up Some Games and Entertainment

Some graduates choose to have live music or a DJ at their graduation parties, but you don’t have to go quite that far (or costly) to have a great time. Consider incorporating games and competitions into your party, such as a limbo contest, a karaoke contest, group card games, corn hole, horseshoes and number of others, so your guests stay entertained while they enjoy the great company, food and drinks.

Find a Better RV for Celebrations

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