Tired of Tent Camping? Upgrade to an RV!

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Tent camping is an adventure in itself and it’s great for the younger crowd, unless you’ve learned to “pack” the tent floor so it’s softer. However, there’s a time when many people start gravitating towards RVs instead of tent camping, if not for the comforts but because they are tired of having a weekend or vacation ruined by weather. With an RV, you can go camping in the worst weather and still be comfortable.

Other signs that you’re ready to give up the tent for a comfy RV includes body aches, waiting for public showers, wet belongings, and that you’re tired of choosing which “toys” to bring with you.

Body Aches

Even if you have an air mattress, your body might start aching after a night on the ground. Maybe you’ve even padded the area under the tent with plastic and newspaper and that doesn’t soften things enough for you. If you have a RV from Leisure Time RV, you don’t have to worry about an air mattress deflating or even sleeping on the ground – you can sleep in a comfortable bed. And some floor plans even have a luxurious king size bed.

Waiting in Line

If you’re tired of waiting in line for the shower or tired of wearing flip flops in the shower so you don’t get fungus on your feet, you’re probably ready for an RV. Some floor plans feature a combination shower and tub and other have large, spacious corner showers. Either way, the shower is always clean, you don’t have to wear flip flops in the shower and there’s no line.

Night Bathroom Trips

Another bad thing about tent camping is having to grab a flashlight to make a trip to the bathroom. Just plug a night light in the RV and you can see to make it to the bathroom, which is just a few steps from your bed. This is great especially if it’s raining outside.

Which Toys?

When you go tent camping, there’s always an argument over which toys to bring – bikes, ATVs or fishing equipment. With an RV you can end those arguments – a travel trailer will haul all of that and more.

Visit Leisure Time RV

Stop by Leisure Time RV’s showroom to walk through the many floor plans we have available, including travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorized RVs and toy haulers.

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