Top RV Destinations for the Fall

Brent Moore/Flickr Creative Commons

While you can find many top RV destinations for the fall, your best bet for great photos is picking spots in the mountains. With the fall color change, fields of golden grass and fast-flowing rivers, you’ll be able to get photos that will be the envy of everyone who sees them.

Before you head out, have your RV checked and serviced at Leisure Time RV – driving the mountainous terrain can be rough on a vehicle, especially the brakes.


Head east to middle and eastern Tennessee to catch the changing of the colors on the Cumberland Plateau and the Appalachian mountain chain. Taking I-40 east will take you through Monterey, Crossville and over into Gatlinburg and Sevierville. If you get off at the Monterey exit and follow Rt. 164 you’ll get plenty of great pictures. Just out of town, you may catch some bison, buffalo and various deer species at a private wild life preserve.

Turn right onto Union B and follow the signs for Muddy Pond. Stop by the general store for fresh dry goods, handmade quilts and more; then continue down the street to watch the Mennonites making sorghum the “old-timey way.”

Jump back onto I-40 eastbound to head into the mountains to get some great views. If you continue eastward into North Carolina, you can travel the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Parkway has plenty of campgrounds and tons of sights to see, including Little Switzerland, Clingman’s Dome and more.


If you need to stay closer to home, visit some of the parks in Oklahoma including Lake Murray State Park and Lodge in Ardmore, Alabaster Caverns State Park in Freedom, or Greenleaf State Park in Braggs.

Lake Murray offers boating, fishing, water sports, ATV trails, golf, horseback riding, tennis, swimming and the Tucker Tower nature center. You have nine RV campgrounds to choose from – with over 300 campsites.

Alabaster Caverns features the largest natural gypsum cave. You can hand spelunk, tour the caverns and camp on the grounds. If you visit before the end of September you can go wild caving. Be sure to pick up a permit at the park office; and bring a flashlight, hardhat, long sleeve shirt and boots.

Be sure to stop by Leisure Time RV to have your RV checked and serviced if necessary, and to pick up any accessories you might need for the trip.

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