Traveling With Children: How to Keep Them Entertained

Traveling with children in a new or used RV from Oklahoma City — especially when the children are at an age when they bore easily on long rides – can be difficult. Instead of listening to, “Are we there yet?” play driving games with the children. Most driving games do not need additional pieces — just the ability to pick out certain vehicles. If you’re lucky enough to drive by an RV dealership in Oklahoma, the first person to see it might just win enough points to win the game.

Whether riding in an RV or towing a travel trailer, keep your children entertained until you get to your destination.

Yellow Car: Be the first person to call out “yellow car” when you see a yellow car or truck. Keep track of how many yellow cars each person sees, then give the kids a prize at the end of the trip. Of course, especially with younger kids, you can’t give just one a prize and not the others, so come up with something for first place, second place and third place.

The License Plate Game: Have the children call out the different states on the license place. If you are in Oklahoma and see a Tennessee plate, that counts, but Oklahoma plates don’t count in Oklahoma.

Play different versions of the license plate game. Have the children pick a color, then whenever they see that color on a license plate, call out the color and the license plate’s state.

Another version for older children, especially those taking geography classes, is to have the children call out a state’s plate when they see it, then say the capital of the state. Keep score by giving a point when the first guess is right and subtracting a point if the child who guesses first gets a wrong answer.

Yarn: Teach children how to play Cat’s Cradle. This could keep two children entertained for quite a while. You can also teach older children how to crochet and have the make something simple — at least for beginners — such as a scarf.

Reading: If the children do not get car sick while reading, have them take turns reading a book out loud so the entire family can enjoy it. If you can find a play, the children can each read a character.

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