Visit Robbers Cave State Park

Located in Latimer County about 5 miles north of Wilburton along State Highway 2, Robbers Cave State Park offers scenic views of hilly woodlands and of the Sans Bois Mountains. It’s a favored park with rappellers, equestrians, and hikers especially. Hikers love the park due to its fantastic trail system. Some of the better trails include:

Coon Creek Ridge Trail – This trail is about 2 miles and loops with some moderately difficult slopes. It’s well marked though, so you don’t have to worry about losing the path. The trail runs through some heavy woods interspersed with large rock formations. There’s also a scenic overlook of Coon Creek. The trailhead starts at the information office and is a good place to start your hiking adventures at the park.

Robbers Cave Nature Trail – This trail takes you right past the eponymous Robbers Cave, so it’s a visitor favorite in the park. Besides Robbers Cave, there are many others to see as well. It’s only 3/4 miles long, but it links up with several other trails, so you can lengthen your hike simply by hopping onto another trail along the way. There are some steep grades at the beginning, including stairs, so this trail isn’t the most accessible trail in the park, but it eases up after the climb.

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