Ways to Make Your RV Pet Friendly


Many people prefer to take their pets with them on an RV trip, which means that you have to “pet proof” your RV. Pet proofing for cats and dogs is similar, including ensuring windows and screens are in place, exterior doors are shut and locked when traveling or cabinets are securely latched. Furthermore, pet proofing motorized RVs and towed RVs are essentially the same, except you will want to be sure that your pet can’t get near the driver to distract him or her.

Exterior Doors and Windows

Even if your pet is not a Houdini, you should ensue that the doors and windows are locked and the screens are securely in place while you are driving in a motorized RV. If the door isn’t locked and you hit a bump “just right,” the door could pop open and your pet could escape while you are doing 70 mph down the highway. Even while you are stopped, a pet that escapes may not find its way back to you, so be sure that it can’t get out when you’re not looking.

Cabinets and Other Interior Spaces and Materials

Make sure cabinets are securely shut and latched, especially if you have chemicals and other poisons – including food that is poisonous to pets such as chocolate and raisins – in the lower cabinets. And, if you have cats that like to scratch, be sure to bring their scratching pole. You may want to protect the corners of walls and furniture with a covering if your cat is prone to scratching things.


Be sure to have a crate for your pets, especially cats. While it’s a good idea to create dogs for their safety, it also keeps them away from you while you’re driving. Cats should be crated at all times as they tend to climb things.

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