What to Put in Your Picnic Basket


Picnicking on your RV trip, whether you wanted an excuse to get out onto a hiking trail or simply because you want something to eat while you’re out, is something that RVers do all the time. Here’s some helpful suggestions on what to take with you next time you’re planning a picnic.

Easy to Handle, No Mess Foods

Don’t take out anything too complicated. You’re not going to want to handle a lot of onsite prep. Take things that are ready to eat as soon as you take them out of their container. Speaking of containers, either use resealable, reusable plastic containers or containers that are discardable .

A Bag of Ice

So long as it’s not an extremely hot day and/or your destination isn’t far away, a bag of ice is good for keeping cold items fresh on the way to your picnic spot and for getting your beverages cold, whatever they may be.

A Durable, Heavy Blanket

You want your picnic blanket to be durable and heavy, so as to provide a good place to set everything out and to not get blown about on a windy day. Make sure it’s large enough for your party.

Trash Bags and Moist Towelettes

Bring along trash bags if you think you’ll have any waste that’s not biodegradable. Moist towelettes are handy if you don’t have access to running water and want to clean your hands off.

Don’t Forget Utensils and Plates

This depends on what’s on your menu, but obviously some foods need a plate, fork, knife, etc. Disposable utensils and paper plates are good for easy cleanup; simply toss them into your trash bag.

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