Why You Should Rent an RV Before You Buy


An RV is a large investment, and it pays to do your research before you buy. One of the best ways to research RVs is to rent one from us at Leisure Time RVs. We offer a variety of Class A and Class C motorhomes in numerous floorplan options, so you can get a feel for the RV lifestyle and the type of RV you like best.

The following are three reasons why you should contact us to rent an RV today.

Discover Your Ideal RV

Renting an RV will help you determine which type of home on wheels is best for you. Rent different models and floorplans for your getaways to get a feel of how each one feels on the road and at the campsite. Our selection of bunk models, two-bedroom models, those with residential kitchens and others will give you an idea of the amenities you want and need on the road.

Get a Feel for Life on the Road

Renting an RV can help you determine if the RV lifestyle is for you. You’ll get a feel for cruising down the road as well as life at the RV park or campsite. Before you dive into the purchase of a new or pre-owned RV, you can determine how much you enjoy traveling in your very own home on wheels and how expensive that lifestyle will be.

You’ll Learn the Ins and Outs of RVing

Before you hit the road on your RV adventure, we’ll provide a complete RV walk-through. This 30-minute to 1-hour-long session will teach you about specific types of RVs and their features, so you can form an opinion on which one is right for you.

Log onto our Leisure Time RV website or stop in and see us in Oklahoma City to find out more about our available RV rentals and to reserve your RV today.

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