Would You Show Your Fan Loyalty on Your RV?

You can show your fan loyalty on your RV in many ways – from bumper stickers to creative paint jobs with graphics done in your team’s colors. However, you can really show loyalty by painting your RV in just the colors of the team. For example, a Packer’s fan – a grocer and his family – painted a 1974 motorhome in gold and green. They used it to travel to home and away Packers’ games. That RV is now for sale at a Burlington truck center as the owner passed.

The RV was custom painted, had a new generator, rooftop air conditioning unit, roof vents and an updated furnace among other upgrades. It’s the ultimate tailgate vehicle. While you won’t find a two-tone green and gold RV at Leisure Time RV, you just might find something with your team’s colors on it.


2004 Keystone Montana.

If you want to create a team RV, you can always purchase one of the used RVs on our lot and have it painted in the team colors. Depending on the area you live in, you might run into some trouble with the neighbors – unless you invite them to your tailgate party at the game!

If you are in the market for an RV for camping, tailgating and spending the weekend at the races, stop by Leisure Time RV to walk through our many floor plans. You can choose a motorized RV and tow your vehicle or you can choose a fifth wheel or travel trailer so you can unhook and have use of your truck for errands.


The 2004 Keystone Montana has plenty of room to prepare for a tailgate party and to catch some of the game on the television!

The best type of RV would be a toy hauler – that way, you can unhook your truck for trips into town. And, you can bring your golf cart or side-by-side to get around the pit areas or to get from the parking lot to the event area.

RVs are great to bring to the races for another reason – you know that no matter where you are, when something happens, everyone is going to stand up. And of course, as Murphy’s law states, there will be a 10-foot guy in front of you, blocking your view. Thus, an RV with a platform roof allows you to sit on top of the roof and catch all of the action without having to try to look through someone.

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